July 13, 2024
Book Fast! New Train Connects Spain’s Top Cities This Summer For

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Spain’s latest train cost a whopping $5.9 million to make travel faster, more efficient, modern, and fun zooming between the second most popular country on Earth’s most renowned cities.

Fortunately, you only have to pay a microscopic fraction of that at just $8…if you act fast!

All travelers love a good deal, no matter if you splurge on a stay at the Ritz or opt for space-age capsule hotels to stretch your budget.

Female train passenger viewing departure board

There’s perhaps no better deal for train travel in Europe right now than Spain’s newly launched Renfe Avlo’s S106 trains, connecting travelers to 7 of the country’s top destinations.

Let’s Recap How Awesome Spain Is This Summer

Spain has always been popular, but it’s on pace to become”numero uno” in 2040 forcing France to say “au revoir” to first place.

Are my Rosetta Stone lessons paying off?

While they’re sitting fat and happy in second place for the time being, there are a ton of reasons why.

As travel has roared back, Spain has seen a massive surge in tourism from border to border and island to island.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in ZaragozaBasilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza

Between legendary cities like Barcelona and Madrid brimming with history and sunny paradisal islands like Mallorca and Formentera, can you really go wrong?

As household names have become even more popular than usual, new hotspots have emerged as well.

Take Benalmadena, for example, a beautiful coastal city experiencing more visitors to the point where it’s reasonable to ask if there’s such a thing as a hidden gem in Spain anymore.

Digital nomads are partly to “blame” as Spain has become one of Europe’s best options for long-term stays for remote workers.

Woman photographing ancient remnants of the city of Merida in SpainWoman photographing ancient remnants of the city of Merida in Spain

All of this and more is why it’s so enticing for new trains, such as Renfo Avlo’s latest addition, to provide more transit options to Spain’s top cities.

As Paris transforms into Olympic Land in the coming weeks, Spain will keep its true authenticity, making this iconic country even more appealing as a summer getaway.

Renfe’s New Speedy Routes To 7 Of Spain’s Best Destinations

Madrid? Barcelona? Valencia? Where will you go? Good news is you can go to all 3, plus 3 more.

Renfe is the national rail operator of Spain and Renfe Avlo is a low-cost, high-speed train service under the ‘Renfe’ umbrella.

Window seat of Renfe train on Madrid routeWindow seat of Renfe train on Madrid route

If Spain is a must for you this summer, you’re definitely not alone. But how you get around is a key component to a fun trip.

This the most exciting new way to experience Spain by being able to check off 7 amazing cities ranging from iconic to lesser known.

These are the 6 new routes with a $8 introductory promo:

  • Madrid – València
  • Madrid – Zaragoza – Barcelona
  • Alicante – Madrid
  • Murcia – Valladolid
  • Valladolid – Alicante
  • Madrid – Murcia
Renfe train at Valencia, Spain train stationRenfe train at Valencia, Spain train station

That’s the plan for now, but rumor has it there are more to come!

As for how to score the $8 deal, all you have to do is go to Renfe’s official website here and pick your route.

There is no mention of an expiration date for the sale, but travel dates cannot extend beyond July 21, 2024 for promotional fares.

What To Expect On Board

You could argue Avlo is the “Spirit Airline” of train travel, or to put in European lingo, the “Ryanair of the rails”.

Civia regional train operated by RENFE Rodalies de Catalunya near Sitges in SpainCivia regional train operated by RENFE Rodalies de Catalunya near Sitges in Spain

Although, it’s not quite no-frills – there are some nice amenities to make your journey more enjoyable especially after the upgrade to new S106 models.

Here are some added perks to expect on board:

  • Luggage compartments
  • Automatic vending machines dispensing hot and cold refreshments
  • Touch screens with exclusive PlayRenfre entertainment options
  • Power outlets (Don’t forget your adapter!)
  • Complimentary wifi access

Classes are divided into 3 sections:

  • Comfort (2×2 seating)
  • Standard (3×3 seating)
  • Tourist (3×3 seating)
Renfe train ticketRenfe train ticket

Zooming from city to city at approximately 186 mph, you can explore so many cool spots in Spain, all while avoiding the hassle of airports in comfort, taking epic photos.

Rather than arrive 2-3 hours before departure, which airlines usually recommend, Renfe recommends just half an hour.

Like airlines, train tickets will need to be shown with a valid ID to match the exact name.

Before purchasing, you will need to create a new Renfe account online.

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