July 19, 2024
Sunny Adventures And Endless Cafes: The Austin Of The Northwest Is Perfect For Solo Travelers This Summer

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Ask yourself how much you buy into mainstream news. Is there an agenda, or is what they’re portraying to you actually real news?

When it comes to certain cities, the media hasn’t done them any favors.

On the flip side, one could argue that certain cities themselves haven’t helped their own reputation either.

Willamette River and cityscape of Portland, Oregon on a beautiful clear day and clear skyWillamette River and cityscape of Portland, Oregon on a beautiful clear day and clear sky

Any come to mind?

One that may register is the beautiful city of San Francisco, one of the most iconic destinations in the U.S.

Following closely behind might be Portland, Oregon, a city that has so much potential but seems to get in its own way with, according to various media sources.

Nonetheless, the Today Show feels certain the ‘Austin of the Northwest’ has cleaned up their act enough to recommend it for solo travelers this summer.

Has Portland Cleaned Up Their Streets?

Portland sign at historic buildingPortland sign at historic building

It feels like beating a dead horse to mention the pandemic, but if you were lost in the madness of that crazy period in our lives, perhaps you missed how Portland was a place you didn’t want to be.

Alongside San Francisco, LA, Seattle, and probably more, Portland was one of multiple cities highlighted for safety hazards.

In other words, it became a modern-day version of the wild wild west.

Now that those days are behind us (fingers crossed), Portland is hoping for a re-do. According to the city’s official Tourism Board, crime rates are improving.

One of the key elements solo travelers tend to look for is safety since they venture out on their own.

People walking by tent on sidewalk in Portland, OregonPeople walking by tent on sidewalk in Portland, Oregon

As a frequent solo traveler myself, let’s just say I’m not eyeing Somalia as my next getaway.

Portland is an awesome place to visit with nearly identical vibes of Austin. In fact, both trendy cities share the same monikers of “Keep Austin weird” and “Keep Portland weird”.

The problem is that locals say their city got way too weird with controversial policies such as the decriminalization of drugs.

It’s a lot to unpack, but the current mayor of Portland believes they are on a path to cleaning up their image making the city, especially tent-lined encampments of downtown, safe again as foot traffic continues to improve.

Portland Is Not Downtown Or Bust

Food trucks in Portland, OregonFood trucks in Portland, Oregon

Portland’s urban sprawl is fun to explore, but let’s be real – the Pacific Northwest is brimming with some of the most unspoiled natural sites in the nation.

Portland is a really cool, quirky city, in mostly good ways. It has a phenomenal arts and food scene, endless cafes, and is one of the most bike-friendly and walkable cities for enjoying the outdoors.

When we jet off to a new destination, downtown is often our base, or at least a starting point. In Portland, this is where most of the infamous eyesores are located and where solo travelers might have second thoughts.

That is a real concern, but take it from me who has lived in downtown San Diego for 8 years.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area near Portland, OregonColumbia River Gorge National Scenic Area near Portland, Oregon

I have seen it all from unsightly homeless encampments, car break-ins, shootings, and let’s just say where some people didn’t find a bathroom in time.

Not once in all 8 years was I ever harmed walking the streets, grabbing a coffee by myself, or bar-hopping late at night.

Safety is a fickle topic with a lot of unpredictability, and self-awareness is the most important factor when traveling solo.

So whether hitting up the popular Pine Street Market, grabbing a coffee at top-rated Society Cafe, or biking around the city, don’t let fear-mongering headlines deter you from enjoying this awesome city.

Woman at Portland, Oregon cafeWoman at Portland, Oregon cafe

Sunny Outdoor Adventures

Portland is an amazing gateway into the Pacific Northwest’s stunning nature. Tourists have a scenic riverfront, cascading waterfalls, peaceful hiking trails, and majestic mountains all in close reach.

Good or bad, safety has been it’s own talking point for Portland, another misunderstood topic is the weather.

Cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland tend to have doom and gloom reputations as if they rain all the time, but that’s not necessarily true.

Summertime brings warmer weather and sunshine here. A popular activity is to take the Columbia River Highway to see the stunning River Gorge and what’s known as “Waterfall Alley”, but most notably the magnificent Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls, Portland, OregonMultnomah Falls, Portland, Oregon

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