June 20, 2024

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Italy may be breaking all-time tourism records, but there are still gorgeous hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Anywhere you go, locals seems to have their favorite getaway and it’s certainly no different for one of Europe’s most iconic countries.

While hordes of travelers visit Venice, Rome and the Amalfi Coast, you can avoid being basic by giving a hidden seaside gem nobody ever talks about a chance.

Stunning beach in Tropea, Italy

Locals are in on the secret of this cliffside paradise oozing fascinating historical charm and picture-perfect blue waters along white sand beaches.

Sold yet? That sure beats the crowds of Rome and the ‘Karens’ of Venice who don’t even want you to visit.

Tucked away on the east coast of Calabria lies the stunning coastal village of Tropea, a lesser known destination that should be high on travelers’ wish lists for the ultimate European beach escape.

Where Locals Go For Sun And Sand

Beautiful beach with crystal blue waters in TropeaBeautiful beach with crystal blue waters in Tropea

Italians rightfully get a free pass to be a bit snobby about beaches given how phenomenal they are in their country.

In other words, they know an amazing beach when they see one. Tropea doesn’t disappoint, rivaling many of its Mediterranean counterparts.

No, it’s not an island getaway like Santorini, but if you’re looking for perhaps the best alternative to the Amalfi Coast, Tropea is the place to be.

Beaches here do draw a crowd, but nothing like other major destinations. It may seem more crowded at times simply based on its small size.

White sand beach in TropeaWhite sand beach in Tropea

The reality is Tropea remains relatively unknown, even for fellow Europeans. We all know Brits love to leave London in search of epic beach vacations, but even jolly o’ Brits haven’t laid eyes on the majesty of Tropea…yet

As travel has soared to new heights across the globe, hidden gems are becoming less and less common, so there may be no better time to join locals in planning your summer escape.

Where History Meets Paradise

Tropea is a rare place where history meets paradise. Sure, Europe is home to countless historical cities, but not often are they backdropped by drop-dead gorgeous scenery.

Female tourist overlooking gorgeous views of TropeaFemale tourist overlooking gorgeous views of Tropea

I mean, could you imagine if Rome was a beach destination? The crowds would be insane!

That’s not to say Tropea is quite as significant as Rome. It’s not, and there’s definitely no cliffside Colosseum to visit.

What tourists will find are other cool sites well worth visiting and just as eye-popping for the ‘gram.

It’s impossible to ignore the stunning elevated views of Tropea, but they’re even more magical from a centuries-old church.

Besides the mesmerizing blue waters, the top attraction is Santa Maria dell’Isola, perched atop a rock along the sea.

Santa Maria dell’Isola in TropeaSanta Maria dell’Isola in Tropea

Best of all, it’s free to enter, unless you want to enter the gardens. If that’s the case, expect to fork over a few euros.

The Storybook Town You’ve Always Dreamed Of Visiting

What is it that’s so appealing about Italy?

Well, that’s impossible to answer because it’s such a draw to all types of travelers – honeymooners, solo travelers, budget travelers, history buffs, and even digital nomads with their newly implemented visa.

However, chances are you’ve held a picture in the back of your mind of what you thought Italy would be like, and to be honest, it’s not busy streets overloaded with selfie-takers outside the Pantheon.

In a perfect world, we would all love to get down to the nitty gritty of Italy’s charming storybook towns, and Tropea is just the place.

The city center is to die for, lined with quaint cobbled streets filled with the aroma of savory Italian cuisine permeating through the air.

Not to mention all the delightful sidewalk cafes for a cuppa Cappuccino and nice stays intertwined with a mix of Mom and Pop-style inns, cozy boutique hotels, and upscale waterfront resorts.

For now, Tropea has it all except for crazy amounts of crowds, so do yourself a favor and take advantage while you can since Italy is one of the most popular destinations on the planet heading into summer.

Seaside dinner in TropeaSeaside dinner in Tropea

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